The Right Stuff

Craig Argyle

Posted on January 12 2020

The Right Stuff

Our Tabletop games can provide hours if not years of enjoyment. Especially if we have the right terrain on the table to accompany our miniatures for the game. Terrain is probably one of the most overlooked items that most hobbyists think of last. Well after they purchase and paint up their selected force. Even after the books, dice, and accessories. I am often puzzled why this is the case.

With the “Right Stuff” lets call it, your tabletop experience can be almost cinematic. It can change your game play and strategic plans. It can totally transform the whole game for you and your opponent. Also, it can provide an investment to be enjoyed and utilized for years to come. The most amazing miniature will look even better if they are on a table with proper wargames terrain!

Whether it is store bought, or hand made any terrain can transform a flat kitchen table into a war torn battlefield in the far future, or a medieval castle defended from a dragon by brave knights.

For those that aren’t the crafty or DIY type, there are many types of ready made terrain out there to choose from. These sets are commonly made from resin, plastic, or laser cut MDF boards. 3D printing has also added a new level of affordability to tabletop scenery as well. Allowing you to print on demand anything you can dream of or with a quick internet search on various 3D printing file sharing sites.

If you are up to the task, making your own terrain can be very rewarding. You can use found items such as: aluminum beverage cans, foam packing from kitchen appliances, plastic card, even poster board and foam core. With a little thought, some paint, and imagination you can whip up a whole world of great looking pieces for next to nothing compared to their store bought counterparts.

Tabletop gaming with miniatures can be a very immersive hobby if you get the right materials and pieces to help tell the story on the gaming table. Think of it this way: With the “right stuff” you can take your battle from a hand drawn black and white marker storyboard , to a major motion picture full of visual effects and gorgeous sets.

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