Hexfire Battlebox - Grey Knights vs Thousand Sons

David Batista

Posted on August 06 2021

Hexfire Battlebox - Grey Knights vs Thousand Sons

The clash between the Thousand Sons and Grey Knights is one of the ages! Gamesworkshop is proud to introduce their newest Battlebox, this time featuring two great unique armies (sorry Space Marines). Available for Pre-Order August 7, 2021

This box also comes with two new sculpted heroes. A new sorceror for the Thousand Sons, and a new and improved (resculpted) Castellan Crowe. 
If you liked the previous resin version of Crowe make sure to grab one as they will be discontinued moving forward.

So lets have a look at what is included inside:

For the Grey Knights we have:

x1 Castellan Crowe (New Resculpted Model)
x10 Grey Knights Strike Squad
x1 Nemesis Dreadknights

An estimated retail value of $190cdn

For the Thousand Sons:

x5 Scarab Occult Terminators
x10 Tzaangors
x1 Tzaangor Shaman
x1 Infernal Master (New Model)

An estimated retail value of $215cdn

Bringing the total value of the contents of the box to $405!
Gamesworkshop is going to be selling this box for $210 retail, and with many other online independent retailers selling it at 15%, bringing the final total down to about $180cdn.

The savings in this box are incredible, and they are offering two armies that have not received much love in recent months. Our prediction? Beast Snaggas 2.0 unfortunately. These boxes are so hot that they usually sell out right away and are hard to find. Hopefully Games Workshop has sorted out their supply issues but time will tell.

For those of you lucky enough to grab this box, don't hesitate. Even if you only need half the box, the price you pay will be close to the retail value of those models and you'll be able to sell the other half eventually to recoup those funds. 

For more Thousand Sons and Grey Knight models, check out the links below:

Grey Knights
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  • Jacob : September 15, 2021

    Great rundown! id not really looked into this box myself as I dont play either force, which is just as well as I see them flying super fast yea. But it really is a good value for what you get. Now if only they would love on the Word Bearers like this..

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