Everything you need to know about Adeptus Titanicus

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Posted on November 30 2021

Everything you need to know about Adeptus Titanicus

For people who do not yet know the game, Today we will know more about how the game is, but undoubtedly the most important thing is the three game modes. What happens next will surprise you. 

Or not, because they are the same three game modes of all the current Games Workshop games, which is very appropriate because they have proven to be functional and meet the demand for games from different players. Open mode, narrative mode and balanced mode. Once the surprise is revealed, let’s go with what its designer, Andy Hoare, has to say about Adeptus Titanicus.

History of Adeptus Titanicus

Inhabitants of the Empire of Humanity, Horus, the Lord of War, the first among equals, the dearest son of our Emperor... ¡¡¡ He has rebelled! It is time to choose sides, it is time to fight for the Empire or to join the forces of the Arch-Traitor, it is time of truth, the crucial point where the fate of the Empire of Humanity will be decided.

Adeptus Titanicus is situated in the well-known universe of Warhammer 40,000, although about 10,000 years in the past, until The Heresy of Horus, a key moment in the history of this sinister universe where there is only war. In this game we put ourselves in command of a force of the Collegia Titanica, the most powerful destruction machines in the hands of humanity, giant bipods with weapons capable of reducing cities to ashes and staggering entire armies in their path.

The story of this game has been tumultuous, its first version dating from 1988 which in turn gave way to Epic. In the summer of 2018 as a new version of the classic specialist game a new starter box called Adeptus Titanicus: The Horus Heresy Grand Master Edition was released. This limited edition box, with a very short run and a very high price for a starter box to a specialist game, sold out very quickly and had to wait until early 2019 to be available again.

The game gives the feeling that it has not finished taking off, despite the fact that Games Workshop have given it continuity, launching constant novelties from its inception until relatively recently, from the different categories of Titans, different types of imperial knights, until scenography or different configurations of weaponry, going through, not one, but two, campaign supplements based on major battles between Titans during Horus' Heresy.

Why should you give this game a chance?

There are a lot of positive things to take out of the game first because you see that the company wants to keep it afloat and is betting on it, which doesn’t always happen. Also because this new starter box has been accompanied by a new wave of novelties, including another campaign book and a new variant of the Warlord-class titan, the largest currently in the game and the second largest within the background, 

What the previous point shows, that from GW they are paying attention to the game and giving it affection and another reason that we consider of weight is that it comes out of the standards of what we normally see, a game different from what we usually see of the company of Nottingham.

As for the miniatures in case we highlight the scale first, being completely different from the usual, we can see Imperial Knights the size of Space Marines and Warlord-class Titans, the largest currently in the game, of the size of Imperial Knights of Warhammer 40k; all of which are magnificent miniatures, with incredible details that have nothing to envy to their larger-scale equivalents, coming in addition, ready to magnetize the weapons, with specific holes as standard (which is to be welcomed in a game where much of the change in your list from one game to another consists of the configuration of weapons).

The topic of the game is to face two forces of Titans, called maniacs accompanied by groups of Imperial Knights as support (or in some cases being their main force), being able to choose to represent a specific Legio with its own special rules and exclusive rules. 

Each Titan has a control console, where we can see both its profile attributes and the status of its different parts or the weapons with which we have equipped it. We already have three classic GW game modes (open, narrative and competitive), in which alternating, and using not only 6-sided, but also 10-sided dice, as well as scatter and templates, we will fight to impose ourselves on our rival’s maniac.

In short: Titanic Adeptus is good gameplay, miniatures of the highest quality, constant novelties and a price that has become more accessible.

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