Be a Builder

Craig Argyle

Posted on January 26 2020

Be a Builder

If you are like me, you play more than one tabletop wargame system. With how many are available to us now, there is no shortage of amazing games to dive right into. The only real issue or set back can be we don’t have as many people to play with right away if the game is not as well known, or more niche (ie - 54mm Gladiatorial Combat in Ancient Rome).

Even though we may be very passionate about the subject matter or setting, beautiful miniatures and terrain, without a community to be involved with, that fire will eventually burn out. You will likely sell off everything you have collected in hopes of an exciting new game to play. I have witnessed this many times.

So how can you avoid this cycle of “boom and bust” for lack of a better term? Like a certain farmer who built a baseball diamond in Iowa, “If you build it... “. You can see where I am headed here. Simply put, it is no easy task to create something out of nothing. It does take dedication, perseverance, and time. Especially that last one, time.

I have found though, a few things really work in your favour when setting out on this task. For instance, Like attracts like. As in, if you are truly passionate about your newly found game, others will see this and get excited too. It might not be instantly, but if you remain passionate it will speak volumes. People will want to know why you are so amped up and want to know more. The conversation starts, and before you know it you are playing a game together.

Passion is a great thing, but will not get you to a thriving community of players and hobbyists alone. You need to be involved, get out there, and play games. Offer to run demos. Show everyone what it is all about. As we all know, all it takes some times is to see the game in motion and you get hooked.

With these things in mind, you will be surprised at how given a bit of effort, and time you can create and grow a thriving gaming community. A group of people who will be happy to show others why they should get involved too.

If you want it, change can happen. Sometimes, the only way to create that change is to BE the change.

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