Army Painter Speedpaints

Simona Gerasimovska

Posted on January 25 2022

Army Painter Speedpaints

Greetings, figurine spotters. A new Army Painter product comes out, designed for quick minis. The name of the new range is literally SpeedPaint. The premise of this range is simple: a layer of color and forget about it.

The fact is that there are other ranges of paintings that promise this, but then it has been seen that... have some paintings that go beautifully and others that are rather reguleras. With that in mind, what can you expect from the new Army Painter fast paint range?

Army Painter SpeedPaints is a paint line that boosts the same speed painting potential as games workshops' contrast paints for almost half the price. This all sounds well and good, but do these things actually work? The short answer is yes.

Many actually prefer these to games workshops paints regardless of the price point. The long answer though, it's a little bit more complicated and that's that the rest of the blog post is about. 

 Why Army Painter SpeedPaints are almost Perfect?

 At the moment the product will be available in two formats, the basic box (10 colors + brush for 40 euros) and the full range box (23 colors + specific diluent + brush for 80 euros). In principle they will not sell loose colors, but it will certainly be done later because it would be stupid not to.

Of the colors of the basic box there are several that I love are colors like red, gray, bone or leather. But there are other colors that are quite meh to me, like dark brown or purple. For this reason, the best purchase would not be the box, but the color pecking. Because again in the full range there are several colors that yes-si and others that go fill, but there they will stay. 

On the other hand, the full range of color is flowing and covers well, but there will come a time when you want to use the diluent, and at the moment it is only sold in box. So as with any release the best thing is not to get carried away by the rush, and try some before dumping the wallet.

And how much do Army Painter SpeedPaints cost? Visit our shop to check the price and choose the set you would like to try!


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