Adepta Sororitas

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Posted on October 04 2021

Adepta Sororitas

Adepta Sororitas

There has finally been the great reveal of the upcoming Sisters of Battle, and with that, it leaves a lot of questions; how has the history of the Adepta Sororitas evolved after all these additions; where are they in the Grand scheme of things in the 8th edition and kind of overly what and who are the Sisters about. Today, we're going to hit that hard, going into the history of the sisterhood as well as their overall kind of structure. 

We'll even talk about what the differences between the Sisters of Battle and Adepta Sororitas are. Even though we use the name interchangeably, the Sisters of Battle are the orders militant of the Adepta Sororitas. 

For those of you that don't know who the Sisters of Battle are, let's get a real quick summary of them as a whole. 


The Big History of Adepta Sororitas 

The Imperium is segmented by various offices, arms, branches, organizations. It's really hard to say what they are, but Adepta Sororitas is one of them, and we know these to be our beloved space raids. The Adepta is the arm-quote -unquote the spiritual kind of powerhouse of the Imperium.

Essentially, think of the Roman Catholic Church; it's loosely based on that. Now, the Sisters of Battle are the army or the military of the ecclesiology. They do not email space rings as it's commonly misconstrued. These aren't like eight-foot-tall muscle-bound Russian Olympic weightlifting, like females dragging their knuckles across the Imperium. 

Let's get into the history of all this and for that we need to jump way back to the age of apostasy.

This is around m36 Millenium 30th 36, which is over five or six Millenium prior to our current timeline, which is the time of ending. And to give you a frame of reference, the age of Imperium begins in Millenium 30. The Adepta Sororitas dates back to a time when the ecclesiarchy held dominion on far more than just the Imperial Cult.

It grew to control the council of the High Lords of Terah themselves, so you can imagine how sweeping their rule was. This would, of course, really build a lot of animosity from the other organizations that make up the Imperium. The Adepta Sororitas was even weakened to the point that the ecclesiarchy, a spiritual organization, was making for the secular arm of the administration. 

Eventually, everything was under the eye of the Adepta Sororitas. This cuts off huge swaths of the Imperium, resulting in massive civil wars, breaking out from the system to system, as the local governors start revolting essentially against the Emperor's rules and on top of that, you have chaos invading out of you, terror, orcs running wild everywhere. An entire time a front aries templar is trying to suppress as much civil strife as possible. 

Out of all this madness, there's one of the craziest bastards to be seen on the stage at the Grand 40k drama, the 360 first high lord of the administer, Gog Band Iron. He has the insane head of state that had a huge grudge against the ecclesiarchy due to the kind of loss, as mentioned above, of power of the grand administrator. 

The administrator was supposed to have a lot more say and a lot more goings-on with the overall infrastructure of the Imperium and kind of like taking out at the knees hemorrhaging the administrator. As a result, he appointed himself the head of the ecclesiarchy for the first time in history, also known just as the ecclesia arc.

Here starts one of the worst civil wars that the Imperium has seen and one of the main reasons behind the age having such an ominous moniker, this kind of begins The Rain of Blood. In the earliest years of his rule, the world has spread a sisterhood of warriors.

After he died, the turbo-charged, badass, and well-trained warrior women were in charge of the new Emperor, and they were renamed to the Brides of the Emperor. Each sister was given more training and power armor. The rain of blood is not well received among the Imperium populace…You can imagine how strong Adepta Sororitas become and how they rule the Imperium.

There are various stories about Adepta Sororitas and what their history looks like. Yet, we tried to briefly summarize their history and battles and how they are involved today . For those who are Adepta Sororitas, stay tuned for the upcoming set!

Written by Simona G

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