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Valkia the Bloody is a legendary figure within the Blades of Khorne faction in Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Here's an overview of this fearsome character:

Champion of Khorne: Valkia the Bloody is a mighty champion of Khorne, the Blood God. She is one of his favored warriors, blessed with immense strength, skill in combat, and the undying fury of Khorne coursing through her veins.

Aspect of Death: Valkia embodies the aspect of death in Khorne's unholy pantheon. She is a bringer of carnage and destruction, leading Khorne's legions to war with her ferocity and martial prowess.

Winged Daemon: Valkia is often depicted as a winged daemon, soaring above the battlefield on leathery wings. This grants her unparalleled mobility and allows her to strike at her enemies from unexpected angles.

Slaughter Queen: Valkia is known as the Slaughter Queen of Khorne, leading his armies with ruthless efficiency and inspiring fear and awe in equal measure. She is a peerless warrior, capable of cutting down even the mightiest foes with her fearsome axe.

Khorne's Chosen: Valkia is chosen by Khorne himself to carry out his will on the Mortal Realms. She is a living embodiment of his fury and wrath, and her deeds on the battlefield are said to be pleasing to the Blood God.

Legend and Lore: Valkia the Bloody is a figure of legend and fear among the mortal realms. Tales of her exploits spread far and wide, striking terror into the hearts of Khorne's enemies and inspiring his followers to ever greater acts of slaughter.

In summary, Valkia the Bloody is a formidable champion of Khorne, leading his legions to war with her unmatched skill and ferocity. As the Slaughter Queen of Khorne, she embodies the aspect of death and inspires fear and awe in all who oppose her. With her wings of darkness and her mighty axe, she carves a bloody path through the Mortal Realms in the name of her dark god.

This is a finely detailed resin cast kit, and contains 8 components and a Citadel 32mm Round base with which to make one Valkia the Bloody.

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