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The Cockatrice is a fearsome and legendary creature often associated with the Beasts of Chaos faction in the Warhammer Fantasy universe. Here's an overview of the Cockatrice:

Monstrous Hybrid: The Cockatrice is a monstrous hybrid creature with the body of a large bird, typically resembling a rooster or a peacock, and the tail of a serpent. Its appearance is often described as grotesque and terrifying, with sharp claws, a beak lined with razor-sharp teeth, and a gaze that can petrify its victims.

Petrifying Gaze: One of the most feared abilities of the Cockatrice is its petrifying gaze. With a single glance, the Cockatrice can turn its enemies to stone, rendering them immobile and vulnerable to its attacks. This ability makes it a formidable opponent on the battlefield, capable of neutralizing even the most powerful foes with ease.

Savage Predator: Despite its avian appearance, the Cockatrice is a savage predator known for its ferocity and aggression. It preys upon anything unfortunate enough to cross its path, including livestock, travelers, and even other monsters. Its insatiable hunger drives it to constantly seek out new victims to satisfy its appetite.

Tribal Allegiance: Cockatrices are often found among the warherds of the Beasts of Chaos, where they serve as terrifying shock troops and living weapons of war. They are valued for their ability to sow fear and chaos among the enemy ranks, as well as for their formidable combat abilities.

Unpredictable Nature: Cockatrices are notoriously difficult to tame or control, owing to their unpredictable and feral nature. Even those who manage to capture and domesticate a Cockatrice must always remain vigilant, as the creature may turn on its handlers without warning.

Legendary Status: In the lore of the Warhammer world, Cockatrices are often depicted as legendary creatures, the subjects of myths, legends, and cautionary tales. Many a brave adventurer has sought to slay a Cockatrice and claim its treasures, only to meet a grisly fate at the hands (or gaze) of the beast.

In summary, the Cockatrice is a terrifying and formidable creature associated with the Beasts of Chaos faction, known for its petrifying gaze, savage nature, and legendary status in the Warhammer Fantasy universe. It serves as both a symbol of fear and a deadly weapon on the battlefield, capable of turning the tide of battle with its mere presence.

This boxed set contains one Cockatrice – a finely detailed resin kit that comes in seven components, and is supplied with a 60mm round base. This kit comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly.

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