Warhammer Tyranids Spore Mine Cluster New

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Spore mines are grown and launched by Biovores. They grow deep inside a Biovore's body and are then launched via a powerful muscle spasm through the Biovore's dorsal aperture and hurled across the battlefield. An internal gas bladder in the spore mines inflates allowing them to drift down towards the ground, where they do not detonate upon impact but when they sense the proximity of a non-Tyranid lifeform. They have been known to drift for days, weeks or even years until an unwary foe comes too near. Alternatively, spore mines are also seeded onto worlds from orbit.

This pack contains nine Tyranid Spore Mines - a finely detailed resin cast set that comes in nine components, and is supplied with nine 25mm round bases. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly

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