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The Skaven Ratling Gun is a fearsome weapon employed by the cunning and devious Skaven in their endless quest for domination. This rapid-firing contraption is a testament to Skaven ingenuity and ruthlessness, designed to unleash a storm of leaden death upon their enemies.

At its core is a large, spinning barrel adorned with rat skulls and warpstone, powered by a complex mechanism of gears and warp energy. A Skaven gunner, typically a jittery and trigger-happy member of the clan, stands behind the weapon, cackling maniacally as they unleash a hail of bullets upon their foes.

The Ratling Gun's firepower is devastating, capable of tearing through enemy infantry and light armor with ease. Its rapid rate of fire makes it ideal for suppressing enemy advances and laying down a withering barrage of fire in support of larger Skaven offensives.

However, like many Skaven creations, the Ratling Gun is notoriously unreliable and prone to malfunction. Its unstable warpstone power source can cause catastrophic explosions if mishandled, leading to as much danger to its wielders as to its intended targets.

Despite these risks, the Skaven view the Ratling Gun as a vital tool in their arsenal, deploying it wherever the need for overwhelming firepower arises. With its relentless barrage of bullets and the maniacal laughter of its gunner, the Ratling Gun strikes fear into the hearts of even the bravest warriors who dare to stand against the Skaven horde.

The Ratling Gun set makes 1 metal model. Note that a variety of designs are available and are supplied at random. This model is supplied with 1x 60mm oval base and 1x 50mm rectangular base.

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