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Skaven Clanrats are the backbone of Skaven society and the most numerous warriors within the ratmen's vast hordes. These frenzied vermin swarm into battle with a relentless hunger for destruction, overwhelming their enemies with sheer numbers and fanatical fervor. Armed with rusted blades, spears, and scavenged weaponry, Clanrats surge forward in a tide of fur and fury, guided by the cruel whims of their warlords and driven by an insatiable lust for bloodshed.

In battle, Clanrats form the bulk of Skaven armies, forming into massive formations that advance upon the enemy with reckless abandon. Though individually weak and cowardly, their strength lies in their overwhelming numbers and their willingness to throw themselves into the fray without hesitation. Skaven warlords use Clanrats as expendable cannon fodder, sacrificing them in droves to achieve their objectives or to buy time for more elite units to strike.

Despite their lowly status, Clanrats are cunning and opportunistic, quick to exploit any weakness in their foes' defenses and to seize any opportunity for plunder and glory. Though they may lack the raw strength and discipline of other races' warriors, Clanrats make up for it with their sheer tenacity and their ability to strike from unexpected angles, swarming over their enemies like a tide of razor-sharp teeth and slashing claws.

In the twisted hierarchy of Skaven society, Clanrats occupy the lowest rung, but their sheer numbers ensure that they play a vital role in the ratmen's ceaseless wars of conquest and domination. With their endless hunger for power and their unquenchable thirst for bloodshed, Clanrats stand as a testament to the relentless and ruthless nature of the Skaven race, a force to be feared and despised by all who would dare to stand in their way.

This kit is supplied in 85 plastic components, and comes with 20x 25mm round bases.

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