Warhammer Orks Start Collecting Force Well Painted

$ 100.00 CAD

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  • These models are pre-painted. The photos in the listing are from the original paint job and are to be considered "stock" photos.
    When you purchase these listings you will be getting models painted in the same scheme and paint level, but they will not be the exact same models. They will be a 99% match as a result but the listing photo is just a sample of what you can expect to receive. 

  • This listing is for a "commission" on the model(s) you select. This means that once the order is placed and paid for we will proceed by purchasing the models, and painting them to the same standard shown. This takes some time to do and as a result your order will take some time to complete. Please add an additional 3-6 weeks for handling and painting time in addition to the shipping time for your order to arrive. 

  • If you would like to make some minor changes to the paint scheme, change weapon load-outs, or any other changes please send us a message prior to purchase and we can most likely accommodate.

  • In addition to the above, the current paint scheme is considered "table top". If you would like the models painted to a higher standard this can be done at an additional cost. Please message us if you are interested in doing this to discuss further. Price will depend on a number of factors and we can provide you a quote.