Warhammer Beastmen Warherds Bullgors New

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It is believed that Bullgors were once more humanoid before being cursed by the Dark Gods, long before the awakening of Sigmar. They were tribes of chaos worshippers that performed gruesome sacrifices and cannibalistic rituals on their own kind to be blessed with strength. The Dark Gods blessed them with the strength they desired, their bodies mutating and gaining a profane appetite for flesh. This curse became known as the Bloodgreed, an all-consuming impulse that drives them to greater acts of violence.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble 3 Bullgors, including 3 different bodies, 5 variations of head, 5 different manes, 6 sets of horns, 3 different shields, 3 variations of great weapon and 10 different hand weapons.

Also included are all of the components needed to assemble a warherd drummer, banner bearer and a Bloodkine. Supplied with 3 Citadel 50mm Round bases.

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