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Unlock! Mystery Adventures Board Game New

  • A Cooperative Card Game Inspired by Escape Rooms: Unlock! Captures the Exhilarating, Heart-Pounding Excitement of A Physical Escape Room Adventure without Leaving the Tabletop. with One Hour on The Clock, Players Work Through a Deck of 60 Cards to Solve Puzzles. Once the Team Enters the Correct Code Into the Companion App, They Win!
  • Strategy Game: Search the Scenes, Combine Objects and Solve Puzzles! Players Must Use Quick Thinking and Deductive Reasoning to Progress Through Each Adventure. Each Scenario Challenges Players in Unique and Interesting Ways.
  • Three Exciting Adventures: Players Must Survive a Sea Monster and Depleting Oxygen Levels in The Underwater Adventure, “the Nautilus’ Traps.” in “the House on The Hill,” Players Explore a Run-Down Manor to Stop a Sinister Curse. and It’s a Race Against the Clock as Players Track Down Captain Smith’s Hidden Treasure in “the Tonipals Treasure.”
  • Perfect for Everyone: Unlock! Is Easy to Learn and Play with The Help of A Special Tutorial Adventure and Multiple Levels of Difficulty. the Free Companion App Supports Integrated Gameplay by Having Players Input Codes, Interact with Machines, and Receive Hints.
  • Number of Players and Average Playtime: Unlock! Is a Cooperative Card Game for Adults and Family Designed for 1 to 6 Players and Is Suitable for Ages 10 and Older. Average Game Time Is Approximately 60 Minutes.