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Team Yankee Kampfgruppe Muller - TGRAB2

$ 68.00 CAD

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1 Kampfgruppe Müller West German Panzer Battlegroup box set contains:

  • 3 Plastic Leopard 2 Tanks
  • 2 Plastic BO-105P Helicopters
  • 6 Resin Tank Commander Figures
  • 8 Rare-Earth Magnets
  • 2 Decal Sheets
  • 5 Unit Cards
  • 1 Mini Team Yankee Rule Book

Hauptmann Müller watched from his turret as the Soviet T-72s emerged from the village. ‘Wait’ he thought to himself as more enemy tanks moved beyond the cover of the village houses. The Soviet tanks keep coming, he counted eight – no, nine – but more kept coming. They spread out slowly into line abreast, unaware that Müller’s company of Leopard 2 tanks were watching them from the forest just 1500 metres away.

All across West Germany divisions are being mobilised and reservists flock to their barracks for assignment to the front. With their powerful Leopard 2 tanks and panzergrenadiers mounted in the Marder infantry fighting vehicles, they fight with skill and cunning to slow the Soviet advance, determined to protect their homes and families.

Supplied unpainted & unassembled