Team Yankee French Infantry Platoon New

$ 20.00 CAD

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1 NATO French Infantry Platoon pack contains:

  • 1 Formation Commander FAMAS Rifle Team
  • 5 FAMAS Team With AC-58 Anti-Tank
  • 1 APILAS Anti-Tank Team
  • 2 LRAC 89mm Anti Tank Team
  • 3 Two-Hole Small Bases
  • 1 Three-Hole Small Bases
  • 5 Four-Hole Medium Plastic Bases
  • 1 Plastic Base Insert Sprue
  • 6 Unit Cards

A Section de Chasseurs (mounted in AMX-10P APCs) is organised into three combat groups, each with seven men. Each group is further divided into a 300m team and a 600m team. The 300m team is armed with FAMAS assault rifles and anti-tank rifle grenades, while the 600m team are additionally armed with a 7.62mm NF1 machine-gun. The unit is also armed with a pair of short range anti-tank weapons, usually the 89mm LRAC (Lance-Roquettes AntiChar de 89 mm modèle F1) reusable rocket launcher, but some units are issued with the new disposable APILAS (Armor-Piercing Infantry Light Arm System) portable one-shot 112mm recoilless antitank weapon.