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Song of Ice and Fire : GAME NIGHT KIT #2 New

$ 50.00 CAD

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Game Night Kits provide a full evening’s gaming in one box. They’re filled with exclusive prizes and materials, with support for players, along with some extras for the store and the person that runs the event. You will also earn points for running a Game Night event!

The A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game Game Night Kit #2 contains loads of alternate sculpt miniatures and other treasures that will be just as sought-after as the Iron Throne itself. The kit includes 12 alternate sculpt Conscript miniatures, 12 alternate sculpt Spearwives miniatures, and four each of Night’s Watch dice bags, Free Folk dice bags, Night’s Watch measuring sticks, and Free Folk measuring sticks. These two groups have had many tussles, as the Night’s Watch looks to stop anyone and anything from coming south, while the Free Folk feel they should be able to move about as they please.