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Magic the Gathering Guilds of Ravnica Theme Booster New

Magic the Gathering (mt G) Is a Collectable Card Game for 2 or More Players. Each Game Represents a Battle Between Powerful Wizards, Known as Planeswalkers, Who Have the Ability to Travel the Multiverse. Players Will Cast Spells, Summon Creatures, and Deploy Artifacts to Overcome Their Opponents. Typically, a Player Will Win by Reducing Their Opponent’s Starting Life Points to Zero, but There Are Other Paths to Victory.

To Play the Game, Each Player Will Need a Deck of At Least 60 Cards. Players May Use Pre-Constructed Decks or Customised Decks Created from Their Personal Card Collection.

Guilds of Ravnica Is the 79th Expansion for Magic the Gathering (mt G), Released on 5 October 2018. the Set Is Comprised of 259 Cards: 111 Commons, 80 Uncommons, 53 Rares, 15 Mythic Rares. Basic Lands Do Not Appear in Booster Packs for This Expansion, Instead Two Gates (non-Basic Lands) Will Appear in Each Booster Pack. Basic Lands Are Found in Planeswalker Decks and The Bundle Product.

This Expansion Is Themed Around Five Guild, Each with A Unique Gameplay Mechanic. House Dimir (surveil), Selesnya Conclave (convoke), Izzet League (jump-Start), Golgari Swarm (unearth) and Boros Legion (mentor).

Theme Booster Packs Will Help Players Expand Their Collection in A Specific Area, by Providing Cards of A Specific Colour or Theme. Five Theme Booster Packs Were Released with The Guilds of Ravnica Expansion, One for Each of The Five Guilds.

This Product Includes:
Ten 35-Card Theme Booster Packs.

Each Booster Pack Will Include One Rare or Mythic Rare Card and A Variable Number of Common and Uncommon Cards. a Reference Card Is Also Included, to Highlight Aspects of The Game to New Players.

Player Count: 2+
Time: Depending on Format 20 - 70 Minutes
Age: 13+