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Kotobukiya Msg Heavy Weapon Unit 32 Gatling Gun2 New


-a New Gatling Gun that Can Support from Frame Arms to Hexa Gear Has Appeared.
-It can be used not only as a handheld armament, but also as a governor of the 1/24 scale Hexa Gear series by using the pedestal parts.
-Weapon unit 30 sold separately is compatible with the belt link, you can also strengthen the total ammo.
-This product can be combined by collecting 3 sets to make a triple gatling mode.

[Product specifications]
-Each part including the barrel part has a 3 mm diameter connection, and it can be disassembled and expanded.
-You can also recompose to create a short version of the Gatling gun.
-It can also be used as a stand-alone Gatling gun by using the grip parts and pedestal parts corresponding to the governor.
-The magazine part can be removed. The inside is precisely modeled up to ammo to pursue a sense of realism.
-The pedestal parts and connecting joints are compatible with Hexa Gear and can be used in any combination.
-In addition, you can make a triple Gatling mode using 3 sets of this product by using the connection joint.

-Weapon Unit 30 Belt Link (sold separately) can be attached.

・ Gatling gun body
・ Handheld grip x 1
・ Governor grip x1
・ Pedestal parts 1 set
・ Connecting joint A x 2
・ Connecting joint B × 2