Hordes Legion Of Everblight Craelix Fang Of Everblight Succubus Solo New

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For use within the HORDES Game

  • Players take on the role of powerful warlocks as they lead their savage forces into battle
  • Player armies will use a mix of brutal warriors and packs of hulking war beasts fueled by unbridled rage
  • The dragon ever blight has returned from his prison in the top of the world and unleashes his newly massed Legion of Blight beasts upon the world
  • Players collect, assemble, and paint fantastically detailed models representing the varied warriors, machines, and creatures in their armies
  • HORDES is fully compatible with its steam powered twin, the titanic miniatures combat game of WARMACHINE

1 Miniature(s)

Please note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.