Hasegawa 1/48 SBD-3 Dauntless Midway New

$ 42.00 CAD

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This kit has been released in several versions from Hasegawa. This release though addresses a serious problem with the previous ones, the air brakes. On the original plane the air brakes are perforated but the original kit represents this with shallow depressions leaving witch only makes them look solid. This kit however supply photo etched air brakes (perforated) that replaces the kits air brakes which you are required to saw off. This greatly enhance the kit but it also raise the difficulty bar considerately.

Otherwise it's a decent representation of the SBD-3. The detailing is OK and the moulds are done well. The parts also fit well and filling and sanding required is at a minimum. 

The decal sheet has two different markings.

  • US Navy, VB-6 B15, Battle of Midway - USS Enterprise, May 1942
  • US Navy, VS-8 S5, Battle of Midway - USS Hornet, July 1942

The dates are when the originals were photographed but they are how they looked as at June 4 1942 at the Battle Of Midway.