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Gamma World Roleplaying Game Expansion Pack Famine In Far-Go New

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Product Type: A D&D Gamma World game expansion
Target Audience: 
Fans of Dungeons & Dragons
Set-up box 

More monstrous mutants and adventures for your D&D Gamma World game!


The radioactive wastelands of Earth are home to many bizarre and barbaric creatures. The apocalypse hasn’t exactly made the world a better place. It’s survival of the fittest. Time to build a new food chain.

This game expansion presents a menagerie of mutant creatures and a ready-to-play adventure. The monsters presented herein can also be pulled over and used in the Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Roleplaying Game.

This product includes:

• 160-page book of mutant monsters and adventures

• 4 sheets of die-cut mutant monster tokens

• A fold-out battle map



1. This product gives players more creatures to choose from when populating their D&D Gamma World adventures and campaigns.

2. This product includes die-cut tokens for the creatures that appear within the adventure.

3. This product includes a ready-to-play adventure featuring mutants, monsters, and technology gone wrong.

4. This game product is fully compatible with the Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Roleplaying Game. 

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