Dungeons and Dragons Hollow World HWR3 THE MILENIAN EMPIRE - RPB4

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Once a great people in the Known World, the Milenians now administer a mighty Empire in the Hollow World. Loosely inspired by classical Greece, this is a nation of philosophers, oracles, architects, and mighty pikemen in a strange land where Citizens elect their own leaders, and ultimately the Emperor himself.

A society as political as Milienia cannot avoid intrigue, and the land is rife with conspiracies. From the would-be Kings to the lowly slaves, to the dark, grasping servants of chaos. It seems everyone in Milenia belongs to one secret society or another.

But even on the surface, there's plenty of drama: from the legendary Acropolis to the eccentric Academy of the Arcane in Corisa, adventure calls you to the Milenian Empire!

The Milenian Empire contains:

  • A 32-page Adventurer's Guide
  • A 64-page Campaign Book
  • New magic, monsters, and character types
  • A full color map of Milenia, complete with imperial monuments, colossi, and mysterious temple sites

The Hollow World Boxed Set is required for use with this accessory.