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For 10000 years, the Chaos Space Marines have waged near-steady battle at the galaxy that solid them out. Genetically augmented post-people clad in baroque energy armour, those historical warriors are festooned with the war scars and trophies in their treachery, marked with the aid of using the advantages of foul entities from past reality. From the veteran murderers of Renegade Chapters to the Traitor Legions of bad legend, the Heretic Astartes combat for vengeance, for glory, for the sheer insanity of war.

Led with the aid of using the champions of Chaos – from towering Daemon Princes to malevolent Sorcerers – squads of veteran Legionaries combat along growling warfare tanks, surrounded with the aid of using teeming mobs of cultists and mutants determined to affect their darkish masters. Whether mortal, machine, or Marine, all are worth vessels to be possessed frame and soul with the aid of using daemons of the warp, bringing doom to their foes as gargoyle-mouthed Daemon Engines or hideous and lethal Possessed. Such armies are the deadliest risk to the Imperium of Mankind, their Long War born from the bitterest of hatreds.

This comprehensive book is a must-have guide for anyone who collects and plays the corrupt game of Astartes, known as Chaos Space Marines. Includes all the rules needed to play Chaos Space Marine Army (including the famous legions) and a library of forbidden sciences. Discover the original germs of betrayal, the glorious Black Crusades of Marauder Abaddon, the dangers of hidden worlds and the chapters of the most insidious and tumultuous Space Marine rebels.
Inside this 184-page hardback book, you'll find:

– In-depth background information on the Chaos Space Marines, from the first days of the Horus Heresy to the damned empires rising across Imperium Nihilus
– Gorgeous artwork featuring hellish visions of wrack and ruin wrought by the veterans of the Long War
– All the rules you need to play a Chaos Space Marine army, including 44 datasheets covering the lowliest Cultist and mightiest Daemon Prince, plus 15 psychic powers, a range of in-depth Legion rules, Prayers to the Dark Gods, Marks of Chaos, and more
– Rules for Crusade campaigns and narrative games that let your champions pursue daemonhood – or suffer spawndom – as they burn, maim, and kill their foes
– An 'Eavy Metal showcase featuring literal Legions of gorgeously painted Chaos Space Marine miniatures
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