Bolt Action Campaign Gigant and Campaign Sea Lion New

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Invade the British Isles with the complete Operation Sea Lion and Operation Gigant campaign PDF bundle.

First, lead a wave of assault boats across the channel with the fantastic Operation Sea Lion book, covering the desperate defence of the south coast by rag-tag bands of Home Guard and the disorganised survivors of Dunkirk.

Then take to the skies with Operation Gigant, and lead your crack Fallschirmjagers in a glider-borne attack deep into the heart of Northern England.

Bundled together for the first time as PDFs, these books give you the complete campaign experience. Now you've got the opportunity to follow the threads of alternate history to their violent conclusion.

Note: These PDF files are supplied in a ZIP file, and can easily be extracted; Google 'extract a zip file' if you are unsure how to do this.