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Axis and Allies Counter Offensive 1941-1943 Booster New

$ 18.00 CAD

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Product Type: miniatures booster     Target Audience: males, ages 12+     Packaging: folding carton hanging panel

Counter Offensive 1941-1943 

Get ready for the new Axis & Allies Miniatures Counter Offensive 1941-1943 expansion. This set contains 50 pre-painted soldiers and vehicles that fought in the pivotal battles of WWII from 1941 to 1943.  Counter Offensive 1941-1943 will feature combat units from 14 nations.  New Zealand, Yugoslavia, and Croatia make their debut while nations like Hungary, Japan, and the USSR will receive important units to add to their existing forces.         

The Counter Offensive 1941-1943 expansion will include:

·         SU-76M - USSR

·         Type 88 75mm AA Gun - Japan

·         Cavalry - Romania

·         Mountain Infantry - Greece 

Axis & Allies Miniatures is a pre-painted World War II miniatures game system.  Models are produced in 15mm scale and include infantry, artillery, transport and armored fighting vehicles.  Booster packs contain 5 models and stat cards which provide game statistics and combat abilities.  Axis & Allies Miniatures allows players to assemble platoons to battle with in historical scenarios, or pre-selected skirmishes using large 20”x 30” battle maps.