AK Interactive Modern Desert Uniform Colors

$ 30.00 CAD

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Kit contains:
3029 AK3029 Faded White 
3031 AK3031 Brown Leather / Camouflage Medium Brown 
3033 AK3033 Light Sand / Leather Highlights
3056 AK3056 Brown Black / Waffen Fall/ Winter Shadow Base
3075 AK3075 US Field Drab 
3143 AK3143 Grey Green / Filed Grey Lights
This set is specially formulated for the decoration of figures with uniforms used by soldiers of armies like US, British and Russian in desert theaters. In this set you will find all the necessary colors to paint all the camouflage colors used by the ground forces nowadays.

Specially designed for painting figures and containing a wide range of real colours, with a new formula with the finest pigments for brush. These colours are our special and exclusive range as they have been developed and researched with the maximum of care.
The complete range of colours has been studied by historians and the most renowned figure painters. The boxes contain on the back a step by step sequence of how to use these paints.
You can get these colours in sets, in small blisters, or separately