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AK Interactive M-44 Camouflage Uniform Colors Set

$ 30.00 CAD

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Zestaw 6 farb z nowej linii Figure Series dedykowany do malowania niemieckich mundurów z okresu II Wojny Światowej.

This set of paints belongs to our new product line, Figure Series. Itis specially formulated by our art department for painting the legendaryuniforms used by German troops during WWII. Paints are matte,of extremely high quality, and their covering and drying abilitiesare designed to maximise your potential for fi gure painting. Theycan be applied with a brush and also with an airbrush, diluting themfi rst with specific thinners for acrylic paints. The colour formulation isbased on original photographs and surviving uniforms, allowing youto easily replicate the colour and shades that were made famous bythese uniforms. This set includes 6 acrylic colours, and a small stepby step guide.

Specially designed for painting figures and containing a wide range of real colours, with a new formula with the finest pigments for brush. These colours are our special and exclusive range as they have been developed and researched with the maximum of care.
The complete range of colours has been studied by historians and the most renowned figure painters. The boxes contain on the back a step by step sequence of how to use these paints.
You can get these colours in sets, in small blisters, or separately