Warhammer Tau Drones New

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Drones are conventionally disk-shaped, armoured, and equipped with an anti-gravitic generator and jet motors for propulsion. Their advanced processor unit has only a basic intelligence, similar to that of a small animal, which requires regular orders from their masters, often through a drone controller. It is also programmed for self-preservation, and will typically flee in the face of danger (drones without propulsion systems will instead self-destruct upon capture). However, Drones can network together, increasing their intelligence and processing speed. This allows them to operate in a group independently of a controller for long periods of time.

This multi-part plastic kit gives you everything you need to build two T'au Drones, highly-advanced and highly-mobile automata of the T'au Empire. You have the option of assembling any two of the following - one shield drone, one marker drone and one gun drone. Eleven components are included, with two Citadel small Flying bases.

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