Warhammer Orcs and Goblins Arachnarok Spider New

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Arachnarok Spiders are the living incarnations of the Spider-God summoned into war by the shamans of Spiderfang Grots when the full wrath of the tribe is aroused. Often grots ride them into battle on top of crude howdahs, sometimes carrying catapults that hurl spider-filled webs or platforms for their wizards to unleash their stinging green sorcery. They inhabit bone-filled pits filled with corpse mounds that are the grots' sacrifices to their god.

This multi-part plastic kit contains 86 components with which to make your Arachnarok Spider truly unique, including a flinger and a catchweb spidershrine. There are also eight Spiderfang Grot crew for the howdah, many tiny spiders to adorn the base and a Spiderfang Shaman. The Arachnarok Spider stands atop a Citadel 160mm Round base.

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