Green Stuff World

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.Where is Green Stuff World from?

    Green Stuff world is located out of Valencia, Spain. They are a family owned business specializing in high quality hobby products, paints, and supplies.

  • 2. What are some popular Green Stuff World products?

    Green Stuff world has tons of unique and awesome products to choose from! They specialize really well in products that are unique for specific projects and ideas, such as glow in the dark pigments for example! One of the most popular product lines from Green Stuff World is their paints, specifically the Chameleon range. Chameleon paints shift and change color giving a cool effect when looking at the painting model. Another favorite is the large roll of Green stuff tape, which is some of the best value in the hobby industry.

  • 3. How do you use Green Stuff World Rolling Pins?

    The Green Stuff World rolling pins are another fan favorite! These rollins pins are made out of hard glass, and are durable and reusable. The glass has unique designs engraved into it, allowing you to create very unique finished products. These rollins pins are generally used along side Green Stuff. Simply roll the rolling pin on to the Green Stuff to imprint the design into it. Once the Green Stuff cures, you will have your finished product ready to go! For those of you not familiar with what Green Stuff is, it is a roll of tape that has a green and blue component to it. These components are mixed together and react to harden into a solid finished product. While the product is uncured, it acts like a clay which is moldable, allowing for the rolling pins to imprint their design. Green stuff is also used traditionally as a gap filler on models and other sculpting projects. You may check it out below!

  • 4.How often do you restock Green Stuff World products?

    We generally aim to place a restock order on Green Stuff world products once a month. Since they are coming from Europe, it normally takes about 4 weeks to arrive. If a product is out of stock on our website, you can signup for an email notification which will let you know as soon as it is restocked. If there is a specific product you would like us to order, but don’t see it on our website, you may send us an email and we will order it in for you on our next shipment.

  • 5.How are Green Stuff World Paints?

    Green Stuff world paints are known mostly for their Chameleon (colorshift) and Candy Ink lines. However, their acrylic range is actually very nice and offers bright pigmentation, and rich formulas. They also have a variety of glow in the dark pigments which are very cool to play around with. Last but not least, their fluor paints are very unique and offer a wide variety of options as well. Overall Green Stuff world paints are a great addition to your collection and offer some very unique hobby options to your toolkit.