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The Solar Auxilia Basilisks/Medusas are formidable artillery platforms employed by the Imperial forces in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, revered for their devastating firepower and long-range precision. These heavy artillery pieces serve as the backbone of many Imperial artillery batteries, raining destruction upon enemy positions from afar with unmatched ferocity.

Indomitable Firepower: The Solar Auxilia Basilisks/Medusas are equipped with powerful artillery cannons capable of delivering devastating firepower over vast distances. Whether unleashing high-explosive shells from their Basilisk cannons or firing massive seismic devastation rounds from their Medusa cannons, these artillery platforms can obliterate enemy fortifications, vehicles, and infantry with ease.

Long-Range Precision: Renowned for their exceptional accuracy and long-range capabilities, the Solar Auxilia Basilisks/Medusas excel at striking enemy targets from afar with pinpoint precision. Their advanced targeting systems and sophisticated fire control mechanisms ensure that every shot finds its mark, inflicting maximum devastation upon the enemy with deadly accuracy.

Versatile Loadout Options: The Solar Auxilia Basilisks/Medusas offer versatile loadout options to suit various battlefield roles and mission objectives. Whether configured for long-range bombardment, anti-tank duties, or anti-infantry support, these artillery platforms can be customized to meet the specific needs of any combat scenario, ensuring maximum effectiveness on the battlefield.

Heavy Artillery Support: As heavy artillery platforms, the Solar Auxilia Basilisks/Medusas provide crucial fire support to Imperial ground forces, raining destruction upon enemy positions and clearing the way for advancing infantry and armored units. Their presence on the battlefield serves as a deterrent to enemy advances and bolsters the morale of Imperial troops, knowing that they have the firepower of the Basilisks/Medusas backing them up.

Key Battlefield Assets: The Solar Auxilia Basilisks/Medusas are considered key battlefield assets in Imperial military operations, valued for their ability to turn the tide of battle with their devastating firepower. Whether deployed in defensive positions to repel enemy assaults or used in offensive operations to soften up enemy defenses, these artillery platforms play a pivotal role in achieving victory for the forces of the Imperium.

Symbol of Imperial Dominance: As symbols of Imperial dominance and firepower, the Solar Auxilia Basilisks/Medusas inspire awe and fear on the battlefield, striking terror into the hearts of enemies and bolstering the confidence of Imperial forces. Revered by allies and feared by foes, these mighty artillery platforms stand as testaments to the unwavering resolve of the Imperium to crush all who dare oppose it.

This kit builds a column of eight epic scale artillery tanks, to add fire support to your Solar Auxilia armies for games of Legions Imperialis. Each tank can be built as either a bunker-busting Medusa or a long-ranged Basilisk, and comes with a choice of different crew poses or a closed top hatch. These versatile tanks will win you battles when used properly, adding loads of tactical options to your toolkit.

This kit contains 128 plastic components, and a Solar Auxilia Vehicle Transfer Sheet. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly

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